COVENANTS and NEWS & NOTICES pages UPDATED - November 9, 2022

Welcome to the home page of the Highland Meadows Homeowners Association, Florissant, Colorado, website! Here you will find links to important information for current and prospective owners and residents of Highland Meadows. The Meetings page gives you access to reports from each annual meeting and agendas for upcoming meetings. The Board page includes a complete list and contact information for each of the Board of Directors. The Covenants page includes a downloadable pdf file (that opens in a new window of your browser) with the complete HOA Covenants and By-Laws that you can save and print. The News & Notices page provides a resource where you will find important news and useful information relevant to Highland Meadows owners and residents and where you can post notices of upcoming events, garage sales, properties for sale, etc. Finally, the Gallery page gives you a place to share your favorite Highland Meadows photographs. Since this is your website, we encourage you to become active participants by e-mailing your comments, photographs and suggestions to Barrie Schwortz, Webmaster. Note that we have also added a link to the Highland Meadows Lot Map at the bottom of this page.

HOA Mailing Address:
Highland Meadows Homeowners Association
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Florissant, CO 80816

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